Claire Danes Met Gala Illustration


For Inverted drawings the most important thing is getting you colours right. There’s a very easy way to do this, if you open up settings on your phone go to General then Accessiblity and turn on invert, you can use your camera as a “filter”. You can use this to help select colours and also to help check progress while drawing.

For This Illustration i wanted White, Pink and Blue Colour variations, so Greens, Oranges and some reds were perfect. DSCF1690.jpg



Once i had my colours i got to work on the illustration and this is what it looked like finished:IMG_3978[1]Not so pretty! now that the illustration was finished and photographed i Imported it to Photoshop. Went to image > Adjustments and clicked invert. ChjCkdKWMAEt9A_